A Guide To Warm Up Before Working On Exercise Recumbent Bikes

When you ride on a bicycle outdoors then this content is not your kind of thing, you perfect rider yet good reader so keep reading, else without any worries stick to climate-climate ride on exercise recumbent bike. Using recumbent exercise bike does not give you a chance to warm up before. You must always warm up before any type of exercise. Bike gives you strong cardio workout and help you to tone up your legs with right amount of resistance, however help you to avoid injuries by getting your heart rate up and warm up your muscles first.

Warm up through Walking or Jogging

Warm up means getting blood flow to muscles you are about to work on. On recumbent bike that is mostly work on your legs, jogging and walking even in your room, helps you to raise heart rate and prepare your muscles of your legs for powerful cycling on recumbent bikes. Do not run flat-out on treadmill. Stick to 5-10 minutes of easy jogging or brisk walking.

Pedaling Slowly

Follow range of motion you will use when cycling as you are warming up. It means getting on recumbent stationary bike for easy pedaling. Do not use resistance and start off at easy pace. After 5 minutes, spare 10 seconds or a minute pedaling with fast pace, after this slow back down and rest for a minute. Do this for 5 more minutes. Such high-intensity burst will raise your heart rate fast.

Dynamic Legs Stretches

Right after you warm up, it is time to stretch. Save static stretch for post workout session and use dynamic stretching. Focus on hips and legs, as they will be doing most if not all of your workout. Stand beside wall to balance and swing one of your leg backward and forward, beginning with small swings and slowly increasing height as much as you feel them comfortable. Swing both legs for 30-60 seconds, and then switch it up to swing side to side in front, warming up outer and inner thighs.

Ankle In Groove

Your Ankles are not meant to show off flashy high heels, they provide you much of power and control on exercise recumbent bike. Rotate with range of motion of pedals. Keep dynamic stretching going in standing on one step and push up on your toes, after this lower so that your heel falls below top of step. Keep this continue for 1 minute.