Frequently Asked Questions About Recumbent Exercise Bikes

1. What are recumbent exercise bikes?

Exercise Recumbent Bikes are bikes that let you sit back on the seat and allow you to have full back support while you cycle. Its seat is shaped like a chair instead of a saddle. When you are positioned lower to ground than you would be on upright bike with your legs out in front of you. With this position you can perform a low impact exercise that is helpful to aid your rehabilitation.

2. Which Exercise Bike is best for Fitness and Weight Loss?

In general all recumbent or upright exercise bikes are perfect to lose weight and improve your general fitness. Recumbent exercise bikes have programs as well as fitness tests to keep you motivated throughout your workout by giving you great postures.

3. What types of recumbent exercise bike are best for training for cycle event?

Exercise Recumbent bikes that nearly mimic road racing bikes are best for training for outdoor event. They ensure that your body will become used to exercising with similar posture and using same muscle groups that are used while using road bikes. There are many brands like JTX Cyclo 6 that are particularly designed with completely adjustable seats as well as handle bars to give you best comfort and perfect position. These bikes are meant to have infinite resistance that is best for hill training. They also feature large flywheel to provide you a balance and smooth ride. They are compatible with dual pedal system that includes SPD cleats to be used with cycling shoes.

4. At what speed should I cycle at?

This speed is measured on most recumbent exercise bikes in terms of wheel rotation/minute or RPM or miles per hour also known as MPH. Ideally one should alternate the speed he or she cycle at on home exercise cycle from 60 RPM to 90 RPM to get a well-rounded exercise. If you work hard at 60 RPM for instance resistance levels are comparatively high, then it can stimulate your hill training and you will be able to increase muscular strength. In contrast if you cycle hard at around 90 RPM you will get a workout which is more focused on body toning and weight loss assuming lower resistance level.

5. Which Riding Style is Perfect?

To get an effective workout using a recumbent exercise bike you need to be comfortable. Every individual has his or her own particular style and position of riding which suits best to them. Most if not all recumbent exercise bikes allow user to adjust height of saddle in order to cater different heights of different individuals.